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        Product Center / PRODUCT
        Quality comes from concentration. We will create your electricity safety with consistent excellent quality! 50 years of professional manufacturing wire and cable, we only do assured quality
        • Wires For Electrical Equipment
        • Power Cable
        • Rubber Sheathed Cable
        • Special Cable
        • Pipe Products


        Into CHNDO

        Sichuan Chuandong Cable Co., Ltd. is located in Dazhu Industrial Park, Sichuan Province, which started in 1970. The company adheres to the tenet of "work together, forge ahead, strive for the first class, and serve the society". It has been working hard for 50 years, experienced the baptism of planned economy, and accepted the test of market economy. In 2012, the "black elephant" trademark was rated as "China's famous trademark" by the State Administration for Industry and commerce. The company has gone from the glory of history to a new starting point

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        HONOR / HONOR
        Every honor has witnessed our contribution to the cable industry, A number of products by the national technology patents
        • Enterprise Honor
        • Qualification Certificate
        In 1992, the Provincial Department of Light Industry issued advanced units for s
        Quality management standard enterprises in 1998
        2003 provincial advanced unit of talent development
        2014 Sichuan famous trademark
        2017 excellent promotion catalogue
        ?2018 high tech enterprise certificate
        Keep the contract and keep the promise in 2018
        Major taxpayer in 2019
        Top 100 enterprises in China's cable industry in 2020
        Safety production standardization certificate
        Safety production standardization certificate 1
        Famous trademark of East Sichuan
        3C certificate 994
        3C certificate 995
        3C certificate 997
        3C certificate 998
        3C certificate 999
        Rohs5529 certificate
        Radiation safety permit
        Environmental management system certificate
        Production license
        Occupational health system certificate
        Quality management system certificate

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